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By registering with the Collaboration Platform of LIFEFOODPRINT  you can save and donate surplus food from your food business for the benefit of people in need. At any time, you can check what your company has saved and offered, as well as how many charities have been helped by your donations. Log in, enter what’s included in your donation and select your preferred date and time frame for the pickup. We will receive your offer and then select the most appropriate charity organisation for it. As soon as the charity accepts the donation, you will get a notification. On the designated day and place, the receiving charity will show up and pick up your donation.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

I do not have regular surplus food, is it still useful that I register as a food donor?

Yes! Whether you are a small or a large-scale company (e.g. a bakery, restaurant, catering company, hospital, hotel, supermarket, or a large retail chain) that either has a small or large quantity of surplus food, any food offer is valuable for us.

Will the Collaboration platform of LIFE FOODPRINT transport food?

No. The platform offers a service to help connecting donors with recipients that can benefit from surplus food.
The transport of the food donation is taken care of by the recipient organisation.

Is someone moderating the platform?

Yes, the platform is moderated by a local food rescue organisation that makes the perfect match between the food offer and the needs of a recipient organisation. The coordinator ensures that a fair food redistribution process is set up among charities according to their actual needs, and will make sure that at the end of the day the food offer is at its final destination.

What foods are suitable for donation?

Any type of food, as long as it is safe for human consumption.

What happens to the food after it has been donated?

The surplus food is donated to charity organisations, which collect it at your premises and are called to handle it safely, taking care of transport conditions, proper storage and prompt distribution to the people in need.